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Wellesley Whiptails
Ultimate Frisbee Team


The Ultimate Frisbee team at Wellesley, or the Wellesley Whiptails, combines a drive for strong athleticism and sportsmanship with a fun community of close friends and teammates. If you're interested in joining, check out our site and come by one of our open practices in the fall. We look forward to meeting you!

Besides playing intense women's Ultimate, Whiptails enjoy a good game of spikeball, chowing down on UTZ party mix, singing and dancing to One Direction's "No Control," and debating which one of them would win in a fight.


We host the aptly named Wellesley Ultimate Tournament (WUT) toward the end of September every fall. WUT is geared towards giving new players on Boston-area women's teams a chance play full games with their teammates and get a feel for how an Ultimate tournament usually goes. Lasting only one day, WUT is a great way to start the fall season for everyone, but especially for players new to the sport, who may not have ever even been to an Ultimate tournament before.

No Man's Land is a day-long, B-team tournament held every April at Wellesley. This is a great opportunity for B-teams to play in a tournament exclusively with other B-teams. The atmosphere at NML is highly spirited and fun, and because the tournament is non-sanctioned, the emphasis really is on getting practice and playing time in, and growing as a player.

MillyFest is an one-day hat tournament held at Wellesley celebrating the memory of Whiptail, Molly Thompson '04, who committed suicide in summer of 2001. The first annual MillyFest was organized in April of 2002, which included teams from Wellesley A, Wellesley B, Wellesley Alums, Dartmouth, Northeastern, and Williams B. Proceeds from the tournament fees were donated to the Mental Illness Education Project (MIEP) to promote mental health awareness. Now held during late April to early May, MillyFest is still going strong and offers a chance to give to a good cause, while playing in a fun, low-pressure tournament setting. We offer food, water and a raffle, the proceeds of which are all donated to Samaritans of Boston, a suicide prevention organization.

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